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My grandmother was the head RN at a local hospital and had retired before I came along. She had instilled in me the desire to help everyone from a young age. As far back as I can remember I was tagging along and being side by side as we cared for coworkers and their families. Day in and day out the same routine, for free at that. She never accepted much more than Pepsi and lunch and most of the time we did the cooking too. So it began. I was 17, graduated high school and was on my own. Scary isnt it? you want to be big but when it comes you are not at all ready. I landed a well paying job for a 18 year old at the time and was a cook at a nursing home. I went above and beyond just cooking of course. I would serve and clean, make cakes for residents, take them back to their rooms, listen to the stories and loved every minute of it. October came that year and I joined the Army. I left that January for what I intended to be the rest of my career. First kick in the face of my "adult life"- I was injured. I went home on leave and upon return I was no better. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING of my worst nightmare. I was released from the Army and put on light duty at the nursing home in the office doing silly paperwork. cool they kept me for a few months before firing me. In those few months I was sent to doctor after doctor! My uncle and grandmother went with me to the endocrinologist who told me I was a perfectly healthy young adult seeking attention and if anyone should be in the office it should be my "old" grandmother. She stated that I faked my bone scan and xray results and would be just fine if I stopped lying about my "symptoms".

It is 2023 My family doctor has retired in the middle of a flair up. I go every year for my VA required physical. Their new policy that females must see a doctor that specializes in women's health as well. Whatever VA give me the 10th new doctor. One visit with the woman and my life has changed. She took everything I had to say seriously and gave me blood work I had been requesting for YEARS to rule out things and find anything to clue me in what was wrong. She orders MRIs that NO ONE has ever ordered. *GASP* how dare we make the insurance pay for a test someone needs! She discusses my pain level and how I am even able to function, how it affects my job, my role as a mom. It has all suffered. June 30th I get one MRI as to what is going on in my back. June 26th 2023 I put in a 2 week notice with my job to pursue my health and this journey of making other families better!

Medication/treatments I have been offered or prescribed over the years.

Fosomax for osteopenia, not studied in women under 40. No thanks

Percocet for pain in civilian world just after injury

Tramadal for pain at the time of injury

Celebrex for pain throughout the years

Told I would be in a wheelchair before 30. (we are past 30 and still walking)

PT off and on this entire time, once again only ever getting xrays and that initial bone scan.

Chiropractor visits on my own, the only true relief I received! However in 2022 I felt as if my back has broke again. I was scared to go without seeing what was going on.

Massage therapy was AMAZING but is not covered by insurance and when you cant work and do not have a diagnosis for disability money is hard to spare so only on rare occasions could I afford to go.

Dexa scan, to see why I could have broke several bones at once. in 2016, 2017 and 2023

CT with contrast but I can not recall the reasoning.

Vitamin d mega dose

Calcium supplements

MRI of my brain looking for MS in 2017, nothing further.

Flexeril assuming it was muscular

Blood work out the rear with very little ever off.

Cortisone shots offered many times(NO thanks)

What I have done on my own.

Found a Chiropractor.

PT exercises at home.


Muscle stim

Heating pad

TONS of tylenol and advil :(

OTC pain patches

Essential oils

Castor oil Poultice

Ginger Poultice

Sacroiliac belt

AVOIDING activities

Staying home because of the pain.

Work part time(hoping this journey helps me to be able to quit and stay home!)


Protein drinks

MANY vitamin regimens

Current symptoms


brain fog

trouble getting words out

trouble thinking of what I am saying

trouble walking

walking into things

legs giving out



numbness in arm and legs

did I mention PAIN

days with no appetite

days I can eat everything in sight and still be hungry

inability to hold objects

inability to gauge spacial relations(trying to grab a door handle and missing)

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